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Tan.aaní (Fish Jumping Grounds)

-- Haat iyagu´t

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Alternate Spelling: 
Tanani Point
Download:File tanani.wav

There was once a Tlingit village situated in this bay with southern exposure. There were reportedly four houses here before epidemic either killed or displaced those living here [11]. Joe Hotch said, “It’s the place the fish jump…when they’re jumping, we are supposed to say ‘Ey Ho!; You see a fish jump, Ey Ho, then they know they’re being appreciated so they keep jumping. And I guess our people say it so they can know which way it’s going. Just keep saying ‘Ey Ho,’ and that’s the way they want to be talked to; the fish want to be appreciated." [6]


United States
59° 16' 18.2064" N, 135° 26' 22.9704" W

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